Budget Witchcraft

Witchcraft, as with most things in our lives, can be as extravagant or as simple as we like. That may not be a ‘popular’ statement, but I promise you it’s true.
You absolutely can spend your money on hand carved Altars, gorgeous gems and crystals, handmade beeswax spell candles and so much more… but you don’t HAVE to.
Growing up in a big family and now having kids of my own I’ve learned over the years how to make a dollar stretch! So I’ve compiled a list of cheaper (and cheapest!) alternatives to those items on your wishlist to get you by in the meantime.


If you’re anything like me, then you have a collection of intricately carved candles that you just cant bring yourself to burn.
BONUS POINTS if you bought said candle and your reasoning for doing so was to have it for a ritual then decided it was just too pretty to light.
Fret not! Drop by your local Dollar Store where you can find THE CHEAPEST all purpose candles! I’m talking packs of tea lights for A DOLLAR!
In a pinch and need a candle now? Dig around in your handy dandy junk drawer for a birthday candle and tada! *Mini Magick*


While I will always advocate for local or fair trade herbs or better yet growing your own, I understand that not everyone has the opportunity to shop as such. The solution? The baking section of your local Supermarket. Here you can find what you will need for most correspondence.

Candle holders, censers, dishes and the like

My all time favorite place to find these items are second hand shops/thrift stores.
I have found antique silver candle holders, silver plates that I use as a censer, wooden bowls, I even found a Besom once!
-AND I NEVER SPENT FOR THAN $5 FOR ANY OF THESE ITEMS- The opportunities are endless here because these stores are always getting new items. Try to make a habit of popping in one and having a look around before committing to purchasing a brand new, more expensive item somewhere else.

Journals, Book oF Shadows & Grimories

Quite possibly the hardest thing to shop for.
Most of us find one and fall in love with it because it’s beautiful, impulse buy it and then refuse to write in it because we don;t want to ‘mess it up’ but let me give a little word of advice here…
Nothing is Magickal until you make it so.
If you don’t write in it, fill it’s pages with your thoughts, art, collages, dried flowers or poems.. then why buy it?
So I suggest purchasing a cheap sketch book, or even a regular ole notebook and MAKE IT MAGICK. Put your artistic mind to work. Not artsy? Find images you like in magazines, print them off, or even use stickers to create a cover or pages that inspire you!

Books and other RESOURCES

If you don’t listen to anything else I say, listen to this, use Thriftbooks.com ! Here you can purchase new and previously loved books, dvds and textbooks.
It will save you money, and you can grow your library for a fraction of the cost!

Happy shopping my Darlings. If you do decide to go out and purchase items at this time, please remember to practice Social Distancing, wash your hands, sanitize all items when you return home and be smart!

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Mother Moon

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2 thoughts on “Budget Witchcraft”

  1. I love making candles! We (my coven) get together and do it for Imbolc every year.
    Last year one of our ladies brought this WONDERFUL scent that made my whole house smell like fudge brownies *drools*


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