April Showers

“April showers bring May flowers”… unless you get hit with a gnarly storm that almost wipes out your entire crop… It almost happened to us yesterday.
Much like any time a Spring storm rolls through here in Alabama, we had our eye on the sky incase it got bad. If you’re not familiar with weather trends in our lovely area, let me give you a run down.
Here in the south we have a few more ‘seasons’ than most.

I’d say “It’s funny because it’s true!” but it’s actually terrifying.

Our area was hit 3/3/2019 by an absolutely horrific tornado that killed over 23 victims and as someone who volunteered at the hospital to sit with families in the wake of that storm, that day will forever haunt me.

Yesterday we got hit with an insane amount of rain, there was tornado warning in effect, barn cats hunkered down on the porch, dog refusing to go out to go potty because she’s spoiled rotten and can’t possibly imagine getting her paws wet. I heard the chickens making a racket and peeked out of the kitchen window. That’s when I realized my entire yard was under water.
Here on the farm we have three huge pastures out in the ‘back’ of our property, one large raised bed garden right outside of our front door, a huge garden between our house and my Parents’ house and then MANY raised beds on their side of the property (Nana has really showed out this year!). So when I suddenly realized that my raised beds were spilling over because of all the sudden rain fall, I panicked.
I threw on my boots and ran out into what was quite possibly the most standing water I’ve ever experienced on the farm and that’s saying something considering most of my 28 years has been spent here.
Water almost up to my calves, I started digging out all the mulch and trying to figure out a way to drain this area of the yard in order to save all our peppers and tomatoes.
Orion is a wonderful barn cat. Fluffy as can be and quite possibly the most affectionate cat I’ve ever met, but he isn’t that smart.

Now don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t ask for a better cat. He’s loving, devoted and very inquisitive but that’s what always gets him into trouble. If anyone is working out in the pastures, he’s right by their side. He will follow any of us anywhere. One time when he was a kitten he actually followed me into the chicken coop and got attacked by a very upset hen! Thankfully he doesn’t go near the chickens anymore.
For whatever reason yesterday though, Orion decided I needed assistance and tried to come out into the fast flowing river that was now our yard and immediately regretted his decision. I had to catch the poor yowling and wide eyed little guy with a rake. *facepalm*
He’s fine, has recovered from his brush with death and has probably already forgotten about the whole ordeal. I managed to drain the yard after about 30 mintues of digging and hopefully the plants will recover.

The point of all this is, here on the farm, we get no days off.
Sick, tired, terrible weather, it doesn’t matter. There’s work to do here every single day and just when you think you can relax, something goes awry. April Showers can bring May flowers, but they can also wash away everything you worked for.

That goes for all of us no matter our situation.

Don’t get complacent and think that everything is fine and doesn’t require upkeep. Take care of the things you love, the relationships you’ve nurtured, the seeds you’ve planted, or you won’t experience the blooms later.

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Mother Moon

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