Color correspondences

Black Protection, ward negativity, removes hexes, spirit contact, removal of discord or corruption, binding.

Blue (dark) Water Elemental, truth, dreams, change, meditation
Blue (light) Psychic awareness, intuition, opportunity, understanding, quests, safe journey, patience, tranquility

Brown endurance, animal health and magick, steadiness, house/home, physical objects, uncertainties, special favors, influance, friendship

Copper money goals, professional growth, business, energy movement

Gold The God, solar strength, power achievement, psysical strength, mental growth, healing energy

Gray Otherworld travel, vision quests, veiling

Green Lord and Lady of Wild Wood, Earth Elemental, herb magick, Nature magick, luck, fertility, balance, changing directions

Indigo Meditation, spirit communication, karma workings, learning ancient wisdom, neutralize baneful magick,

Orange Strength, attracting things, vitality, adaptability, clearing the mind,justice, legal matters, selling, action

Pink honor, morality, friendship, emotional love,social ability, good will, caring,healing emotions, romance, partnerships

Purple Spirit Elemental, spiritual development, intuition, self-assurance

Red Fire Elemental, strength, power, vigor, courage, passion, sexuality, vibrancy, survival, driving force

Silver The Goddess, Lunar Magick,astral energies

White All purpose, Lord & Lady together, Full Moon Magicks, purity, truth

Yellow Air Elemental, mental alertness, intelect, intellegence, memory, swift chanes, harmony, creativity, self-promotion