It will all be worth it

For the last *looks around suddenly aware that I’ve lost all concept of time* however many days, I’ve done almost nothing expect sit in front of my computer and painstakingly file for permits, reach out to wholesalers, start a new Instagram page for the business (you should go check that out by the way @mothermoonsunlightsister) to the point where my back is killing me and my butt falls asleep regularly.

But I can honestly say that it is all worth it. I have a few hundred *pause to pat self on back* items already up for sale and I’m in the process of putting together ritual box sets, and EVENTUALLY start a subscription box option.

I’m so glad to have been given the opportunity to be able to do this, to even have the time to do it! I’m unimaginably thankful for Goddess leading me here and showing me that I CAN do this… and you can too. Whatever it is that you’ve been putting off, the dream you have that you always brush away like smoke in the air, DO THAT.

No, it won’t be easy, but you know what it WILL be?