New Moon Ritual; April 2020

The New Moon or ‘Dark Moon’ in Taurus brings us energies of new starts, a time for things to begin again with a fresh slate and manifest new ideas and relationships with real substance.
In order for us to start anew, we must clear away negative and stagnant energies of the past cycle.
This ritual will walk you through cleansing and opening yourself up for positive change in our new season.

Gather Materials and Prepare your space

You will need:
Sage/Palo Santo or other cleansing herb of choice
White candle
Plate / dish with some water to extinguish paper

The Ritual

Start by gathering all of your needed materials and preparing your space. Place all the materials in front of you.

Once you have found somewhere quiet to sit with all your materials, smudge yourself and your space with your Palo Santo, Sage or whatever herb you prefer.

My go-to cleansing chant is “May light and love fill this space, and the hearts and minds of all those who enter here. Negative energy is not welcome.”

Set aside your smudging herbs and light the white candle.
As you do so, focus on your intention for the ritual: To cleanse yourself of the past energies and make room for the new.

Look into the flame and say aloud “I release all that no longer serves me” and let those emotions flow. Think of all the things you’re currently holding on to that no longer serve your Higher Self.
This process can be emotional and it’s important to allow those feelings to surface and be addressed in order for the process to work.
Let these things go, continue to say “I release all that no longer serves me” until you feel that you have released all these negative energies and feelings.

Tear your paper into a small piece and write down what you plan to accomplish this lunar cycle. (A whole sheet of paper will be a FIRE HAZARD)
These intentions can be as simple as “I will clean out my closet this week” or as important as “I will learn to love myself”

Hold your paper with your intention over the water dish, close your eyes and say aloud your intention, really feel it rise in you and commit yourself to the intent.

Light the paper on fire with the lighter or matches, imagine your intention rising to the Universe in the smoke that comes from it, and drop it in the dish to extinguish the flame.

Once you have completed these steps, take a few moments to reflect on the process and how you feel now that it is over. When you are ready, thank the Universe, blow out the candle and rise.

Life After Goddess

I have always believed in The Old Gods. For as long as I can remember I have known that Paganism (although not knowing it had a name) was my Faith. My tender childhood days were spent talking to the trees, making little houses for fairies, braiding dandelion crowns and pretending Dragons lived in my backyard. At some point in my youth I recognized the difference between my mythical ‘friends’ and the overwhelming feminine power that had woken within me.

I have practiced Witchcraft in some capacity for as long as I can remember and I am so very blessed to have been raised in a family where this wasn’t cause for alarm or anger. My parent’s have always been very aware of the fact that I was cut from a different cloth than most, and when you factor in that my Grandmother is also a Witch…well… let’s just say nobody was surprised when my sister and I started our own little ‘coven’ at the grand old age of 5 & 7.
I continued my practice into adulthood and more or less focused on The Craft and not so much on my Faith, not for any particular reason really, just that my Craft was enough for me at the time and I didn’t feel especially connected to any Gods or Goddesses. Then in 2017 I hit my lowest point in life and everything I knew got turned completely inside out.
I had to walk away from a situation that was no longer safe for my children or myself, giving up my home, stability and everything I had spent the last 5 years of my sobriety building.

That’s when Goddess found me.

Alone, broken, empty and lost, Hekate reached out to me.
Goddess of the Crossroads, Torch Bearer, Light Bringer, World Soul,
Keeper of Keys, Goddess of the Sky, Sea and Earth, Mother of Witches
The Many Faced One
she found me and she saved me

For three years I have honoured her and have received so many amazing blessings. I have thanked her for all that I have been given, and asked her to lead me through the difficult times. Our Great Mother has always listened, always showed her face to me in my time of need, and always taken what I have freely offered. In our home we have two main Altars, one for the home, decorated according to lunar phase, ritual needed, season or Sabbat.
The other is Hekate’s.

She is not the type of Deity who softly nudges you back on track, anyone who works with her can attest to this. She sees our Souls, tends to the fires that burn within us to bring forth great and amazing things, the same way she will snuff that flame out if you don’t do the right thing.
Much like any other Mother, she loves fiercely and expects you to act like you have some sense. She is a Healer as much as she is a Destroyer and to call upon her in half measure is never recommended.
It pleases me to see that Hekate has received more attention lately, be it in Movies (If you haven’t seen the Hekate scene in Season 3 of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, google it right now, it moved me to tears) or within the Pagan Community, she has had a sudden resurgence and I know that it’s only getting started.
Goddess, in all her terrifying glory is awake and she is here.
Her Witches hear her call, we bask in her golden light and know that we are sacred. We have joined together in prayer, in love and in trust to heal those with broken hearts, ease the suffering of those less fortunate, and raise up anyone who will take Her hand.
She is here. She always has been and she always will be.

One of the most incredible songs that I feel connects me to sacred Goddess energy